Headmaster Achievement

Hello, today I complete the campaing in legendary with all the skulls, but I don´t get the headmaster achievement. The game give me the achive of finish the campaing in 7:59 hours, but not the one of all the skulls. Can someone help me with these?

Just to be sure: how many skulls did you have on?

And did you do any mission skips?

If you continued at any point rather than loading the checkpoint for some reason it disables the skulls. Should have been blatantly obvious though as blind skull wouldn’t be on.

I’m wondering if you’ve not used every skill or of a mission may not have counted. If you haven done most missions in LASO the achievement should pop as soon as you finish any missing missions…

Regrettably you may need to start playing through again. Alternatively they are working on a mission select so you could always wait for that as likely when it is ready it will confirm which missions you have completed LASO and which you have not

The 12 skulls. I think that 12 are all the skulls.

I don´t know if you can skip a mission, but I did everything of the main campaign in order.

Yes, there is some bug in the campaign that after a mission or something like that the game disables the skulls, so I restart the game, because as you said it´s really obvious without the blind skull.

But okay, maybe I wait until the mission select will be available.

I also know that there was an issue with progress tracking if you started the game up and resumed in quick play mode. So it’s a good habit to get into just completely re-launching the game every time you come back to it

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Yeah, when I did my LASO run, I always chose the ‘Load’ option rather than ‘Continue’. That is because I heard about the problems with continuing or using the Xbox suspension before. They need to fix those issues.

Did you ever get a resolution to this?..i have done legendary all skulls active teice now and still says 82%…i never used continue or quick resume…any suggestions?

I also have this issue as of 6 July 22. I used the tank fun this run, I’ve submitted a support ticket to 343 asking them if the tank gun somehow voids the run after they patched it back in. I doubt it though.

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