Headmaster Achievement not unlocking after completion

Just finished the campaign on Legendary with all the skulls activated. However as the title suggests I have not gotten the achievement for doing so.

I had no idea about this issue until after I had finished the campaign so now I am just left feeling empty after spending 36h of playtime just to get nothing.

Does anyone know if this is something that could be remedied by the developers somehow so that I might randomly get it one day after a patch?

My achievement progression for “Headmaster” still reads as 0% Completed and I’m on an Xbox Series S if it matters.

My gamertag: C0NRAI

I created a ticket request too: https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/requests/449903

Thankful for any response or help with this!

Conrai Carneiro


I think Head Master has been broken since Season 2 launch or somewhere around there. There were also the restart issues when the game launched.

It’s been broken since the last Campaign update, unfortunately. I’m sorry you didn’t realise before completing the game on LASO.

I submitted a ticket 3 months ago (as many others did, and have done since), and nothing has come of it. Still we wait.

Dude, I just finished mine. And I am so infuriated right now. Went through all that for nothing. Worst part is that 343 still hasn’t acknowledged this issue despite going on for months.

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Same problem here. My achievement status is still at 0% also. I didn’t use any skips or anything either.


I just completed the campaign on LASO as well today. No achievement unlocked either. (PC)

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I finished LASO yesterday, and did not get the headmaster achievement. Another bug from a terrible game. Ranked is a joke and campaign is even worse.

I just finished LASO today, no tank gun or glitches. Took 20 hours, but I did it. Confirmed I had all skulls on. Ended up getting the Heroic and Legendary achievements, but not LASO HeadHunter. Restarted the Xbox and it still shows 0% progress. I’m definitely hoping 343 can fix this because… dude. That was incredibly painful. LASO without the tank gun or glitches/skips is just a different level of pain… like the two hunters in Silent Auditorium or the two sets of two brute Chieftains… (before figuring out the Skewer for hunters and Cindershot for Brutes is the way to go - NOT the SPNKR)… only took me until the Harbinger to figure that out… either way, TLDR - I’m also showing 0% on my legitimately beaten LASO even though I got other achievements on that run… talk about feeling cheated.

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Approaching 1 year since launch and this is still an issue. Why and how?


Add me to the list of people who didn’t get it after days of completion…

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I completed this challange, I spend 25 hours to it.
And nothing, I hope they will fix that and give achivment with out doing this challange again .
I am so disappointed

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Just finished LASO after doing it for 30 hours, and not getting anything from it feels so underwhelming, I hope if 343 fixes this, we won’t have to do it all over again and just get the achievement

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Well that’s what I get for expecting achievements to work normally… Should have looked into it before completeing it today.


Add me to the list of people who completed LASO and didn’t get the achievement. Last achievement I needed to 100% Infinite as well. Glad to know it’s not just me though.

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Add me, too. This would’ve been my first-ever successful LASO on any Halo game. To say that I am disappointed is a grave understatement.


Apologies to those that completed LASO recently… I just came along to check if anything had changed since July. I restarted, and left my progress up to where it stop working previously (The Sequence), so that I won’t have to start again from scratch. Keep your saves though, I would say, as once it’s fixed, doing it through Mission Replay should be fine. Should.

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I just want them to at least acknowledge this. I haven’t played since completing season 2’s battle pass. I only keep checking on this game to see if it’s been fixed.

Honestly actually so done, just finished my first ever LASO and nope no achievement ffs

Yeah me too, I have done it twice and am just getting more and more fed up with it. Is it the tank gun that is the problem? As I know they said that they were removing it, maybe they made it so picking it up voids the achievement? It’s the only solution I can think of as to why it isn’t unlocking

Damn lol, i just completed LASO, no achievement Sadly. I hope this gets addressed. Im going for 100% on Infinite at the moment.