Headlong V2.1

Map- Headlong

Gamertag- bigEz killer

Game modes- Slayer, BTB 1Flag CTF (credit for 1Flag CTF goes to Flying Shoe ILR)

A classic from halo 2 this remake is a polished up version of a map i uploaded before. More to scale, more to the original headlong. The scale is not perfect but its close, i still had trouble with only 10000 blocks.
Attackers (blue base) start of with a shotgun, sniper, and rockets all in original location. Also there is a saw and needler in two new locations.
Defenders (red tower) start out with a shotgun and sniper in original locations. Rockets were moved to the back base across the bridge. Saw and needler are in two new locations.
Attackers start out with a warthog and mongoose, defenders only a ghost
Neutral locations are the banshee, sword (top of crane) and laser (bottom of crane)

Like i said this is as close as i could get it, i feel like its pretty close, the crane had to be added cause there are no moving beams in forge i believe. I hope everyone enjoys!!

1flag CTF, here is a link for the 1flag CTF map. Also to note, when you are attacking, in other words trying to capture from the blue base side, not red tower. You must capture it by walking thru the middle of the blue base main entrance (right in front of where you initially spawn.) For one flag to work the flag was put under the base, just walk over that location and you will be fine.

PICTURES! 1, 2, 3