Headlong confirmed.

Surprised no one spotted this. In the new BTS video starting at 50 seconds they show the board with the list of maps, and right under Beaver Creek is Headlong.

I just noticed that! Great! :smiley:


Knew it from the very begining :smiley:


Gaemrgliargnrgn Oh My Mother Yoink!ing jesus!

Maybe that board was just for possible ideas and not an actual list of maps to come, don’t too excited.

Yeah their already was a thread about this in the multiplayer section of this site. Here with a pic link.

If this is true that means I guessed right on the last 2 maps in my prediction thread. =)

I noticed this too, even posted it on B.net and was about to post it here asking about it, hoping to get a response by someone from 343 :wink:

Pause at 52 seconds, its almost at 53 and its really blurry when it gets in frame to see the whole word.

Hello fellow Waypoint Forum users (:
some of you might know me, and have seen some of my threads.

and this time, I might have some news, that most of you could be very excited about.

headlong is Semi-Confirmed, just check out this video :


Check approx. 0:50 , it says headlong.


Just made this thread… gahhh

I seriously just made this post in the General Discussion part of the forum. Same title and everything lol. I don’t care though, I suppose that the multiplayer forum probably needs to be informed as well lol.

> Just made this thread… gahhh

I noticed, we created our threads at the same time.

Nice find. It would make sense to remake Headlong. It’s one of the most requested maps by the community.

I would love to see a Headlong remake/reimagining. I hope you’re right about this!

> I would love to see a Headlong remake/reimagining. I hope you’re right about this!

Me too, headlong was awesome (:

> > I would love to see a Headlong remake/reimagining. I hope you’re right about this!
> Me too, headlong was awesome (:

You know what would be awesome? if they actually hid the golden warthog in it, like as an easter egg.

Hey 343i, I just wanted to say thanks for putting the Headlong “hint” in your “multiplayer preview” video on Halo Waypoint on the console. (I don’t know if it’s on the website I havn’t checked).

So did anyone else notice that? On the whiteboard, where it says “Beaver Creek Anniversary” and then it paces down, and has blurred text underneath clearly showing “Headlong”.

I mean, I was anxious as hell to find out which Halo 2 map it was, now I’m jumping for joy! =) So thank you 343i for picking an awesome map from Halo 2 (though that wouldn’t be hard to do, seeing as every Halo 2 map is good in it’s own right). I think you picked the best choice for Reach though.

Again, thanks! >:)

EDIT: Now I feel like I’m late, after finding this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLDRdWQxHfs


It’s cool that Headlong is getting remade. It was one of the most requested, and 343 clearly listened to the fans.

I think that headlong should be one of the remade maps, not sure if anybody else is thinking this but i think it’d suck to have to wait till halo 4 to see it, it belongs in reach