Headless Spartan (naked)

Hi ive just bumped in to one of those “modders” (13 year old who thinks his cool)and it got me thinking who do it report this to. Because ive bumped in to him about 3 -4 games in a row and head never dies.

posting this will not get him banned, we know he hacks.

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we’ve all heard about or had an unfortunate encounter with one of those headless horsemen in swat at one time or another. Oh god it’s halo pc all over again!

BTW to the Mods its [CLASSIFIED]

Hmmm, how old are you? Next you can report them… they ruin a game or so but it is easier to leave. I do that when a game is real laggy like. I would if I saw a headless Spartan, after seeing his/her GT… I hear you can’t get headshots because they have no head, so I would report them, but stay long enough to double-quad check even finsh the game and watch in theater for it would be wrong to report the wrong person.