Headless Player With No Armor??!!!

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We just played against a player whos’ Gamertag is: REDACTED

He has NO head in the game, and NO armor just the underlying suit - and his emblem is a T-Rex dinosaur head.


Just played him in the two games below so you have verification:

2 Games in a row on Exile - Saturday, Feb 9th between 10:37pm and 10:46pm CST on my history.

I’d suggest removing the person’s Gamertag since it’s against the rules to call people out. Then you should PM bs angel about it, and they’ll take care of it.

You should edit this thread.

Take out the gamertag and report the issue by itself, or you too are at risk of getting in trouble.

PM the gamertag to an admin or something.

rules are rules
but…come on guys!
MARK this cheater [or any other] with hot iron on his forehead;]

It’s a rare glitch. It isn’t that person’s fault.

It happens sometimes when someone wears the Fotus.