HEADHUNTERS now looking for active members

Amidst the chaos brought on humanity by the covenant, in the face of certain death, an elite group of spartan 111’s known as the headhunters were selected for what would seem like suicide missions. The headhunters bought the UNSC critical tactical advantage with their “fear nothing” courage. Spartans don’t die, they’re just missing in action. If you are looking for an active community to game with on halo, have mic, and Enjoy a mature team experience, send a message to me on xbox live NEON R3CL4IM3R -BOOTCAMP -MILITARY Ranking (performance and seniority based) -WEEKLY GAME NIGHT

Hey Reclaimer. Are the Headhunters interested in doing a 4v4 scrimmage some time? If so please add and message “paradlse” on Xbox so we can work out the details.