HCTF Map Pack01

Hello everyone I have put the finishing touches on my remakes Refuge(Halo 3’s Citadel), Earthwork(Halo '3 Foundry), Paladin(Halo 3’s Guardian). I put a lot of work into these maps making sure the geometry matches that of the original, making sure there are no out of bounds exploits, matches the weapon set up for Infinity Slayer while being classic friendly, as well as many other variables like jumps and so on. If you have downloaded the previous version I would implore you to swing by my fileshare and get the latest version they are labeled v1.1 in the description. I know you will all enjoy these maps.
Here is a link to the youtube video I made to showcase them(fyi only playable on PC not mobile)
Thanks to 343i and Certain Affinity for all your hard work and making such great improvements to the forge and its canvas maps,
HCTF Reaper

P.S. Some of these jumps are pretty difficult if you need me to explain them send me a message via XBL or Waypoint.