HCS Twitch drops not showing

yeah. on the drops page on twitch it says my game account is connected, and it is on waypoint, but still nothing ingame. so weird


hopefully theyll do something about this considering many people are having these issues


I’m having the exact same issue.


I have completed both drop requirements watching 1+s hours on the halo twitch account and 1+ hour of cloakzy stream the tourney, I only received the weapon skins and not the armor cosmetic., I really hope they do accept screenshots of my twitch profile with the drops showing they were completed as proof that it was done. I really want the spartan skin its looks really cool. I will contact anyone on 343 support to show proof if possible. Thanks! -Henry


So you’re saying there’s no way of getting it now? If that’s true, bravo, 343 you’ve done it again.


I’ve watched the main HCS stream and the Co-Streamer and claimed both rewards and have gotten nothing… WTF? Please help.


Same here. I’m just trying to be patient. I picked up someone’s AR that had the skin equipped and I got jealous lol we should have these skins!


Nothing shows in my twitch inventory or on Halo itself, I haven’t claimed anything or gotten anything at all despite watching the entirety of the stream. Anyone else experience that as well?

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same I accepted my drop but didnt realize it had the dots on waypoint. everything is connected properly now and It hasnt shown up in game. Ive been waiting on this skin all day and now i dont have it. Im not making another account to fix 343’s issue.


Adding myself to this list, made the mistake of claiming the drop before making sure my twitch was connected to…well i didnt even know what Halo Waypoint was before this. now seems the drop has been committed to the void. Hopefully sometime when this whole event is over they can redistribute drops properly.


Same. Watched 2+ hrs and don’t see anything

Earlier today (about 9 hours ago now) I watched the HCS stream until i got the weapon skin drop, then I watched one of the verified re-streams for the armor coatings (since twitch says you can only watch to unlock one at a time). I linked my accounts like i was supposed to and twitch said i had everything done. I only just booted up Infinite to find neither showing up.
I looked at my redeem history but didnt have anything, after scouring the forums and finding nearly everyone has this problem i refreshed the redeem history page to see the armor coatings were magically there now, looked in game and they were there too.
So now i can only assume the weapon skins will show up too after some time?

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Drops are really on the Twitch end of things.

People from every gaming community have gone after their respective Devs and they always point back to Twitch.

There’s some overlap when it comes to account linking and drop redemption, but acquiring the drops in the first place is a Twitch issue.


Make sure the stream you’re watching is the official stream and the tags says “Drops Enabled”. I was watching the verified “B” stream for a couple of hours only to find out that it wasn’t the “drop” stream.

Make sure the stream window is visible in some capacity, and make sure you’re not watching multiple streams on the same device or multiple devices that are using the same account.

Also make sure the streamed video isn’t muted on Twitch. It’s widely known to cause issues with drops. Personally I’ve lost OWL tokens this way as well as Rust drop hours.

Also understand that aside from linking your account, drops are really on Twitch’s side of things not 343’s.

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Pertaining to unlocking it in-game, this can take a couple of days. I’ve had plenty of experience with the Rainbow Six Siege drops to know that it can take 24 hours plus.


Having the same problem, writing here to add my name to the list. I have watch the HCS Stream and Cloakzy Stream. I have claimed my drops. I have my accounts connected between Twitch and 343 Ind. but have not yet received my drops in game.

Please Fix This

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Also have the same problem. Replaying for my name to get listed. I pray that this gets fixed and I get my in game stuff soon

Is there any way of contacting 343 directly? I cant find any way to email them… I also havent received my items after like two days of watching the tournament.

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I have the same issues as everyone here. I didn’t know of these three dots, however, I did what the Twitter account said and to me, the account was (and is) linked. I watched 2 streamers for the drops, and on Twitch it says that I have claimed them. So apparently it’s like if I don’t have them for Halowaypoint because of these three dots.

A shame for sure, but everything can be solved if 343 decides to help those who had this issue.
Please let us know 343. Thank you.

Unfortunately, I’m having the same issue. Hopefully 343 figures out a fast fix for this. :confused: