HCS Twitch Drops are broken for some people

If your twitch drops arent showing in game you arent alone. There is a bug right now that many users have pointed out where drops arent showing and on the waypoint site your linked twitch will just show up as “…” Unlinking and relinking does nothing.

A solution is to make a burner twitch account and just watch the streams and link to waypoint however this hasnt worked for some users.

I have no idea how to reach 343 support but please allow those who have watched these streams and claimed the items on twitch to recieve them another way without having to create a whole new twitch account. Myself and many others have spent hours watching streams for these items only to be let down by a bug on your site. Please help us out here.

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Just don’t claim the drops till you see a name appear where the “…” is.

Someone suggested the delay in account linking up might be because of ad blockers too. I got my account linked up quick when I jumped onto an browser that didn’t have any ad blockers on it.

I already claimed the rewards via twitch. How would i have known this was an issue before.

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I made a second account and just tested it with the weapon coating I never got yesterday and it worked just fine.