HCS TEAM SKINS - problem

Hi, today I take 3 CLG skin pack’s. The reason was i miss the HCS champion Armor, Helmet and HCS emblem and weapons skins.
I received all HCS weapon skins and armor set.
I don’t recive the HCS Emblem, instead I recive REQ - points.
In this section is written :

Securing yourself one of the three Series 1 team skin packs will not only get you the skins and emblem of your favorite team, but it will also give you a high chance at some all-new HCS weapon skins for the AR, Magnum, and for the first time, the Battle Rifle. Seven all-new REQs are available within this these packs including Red and Blue ARs, BRs and Magnums, as well as the white BR.
The HCS Champion Helmet and Armor are also now available once again, as well as the white HCS ARs, Magnums, and EMBLEM totaling in 12 REQs!
I don’t wanted Teams staff, i just wanted HCS things. Mostly the Emblem.

OK, I give my money to 343 and I don’t recive all items for what I paid.
Any suggestions?

I have all other things unlocked - receive only REQ points from silver and gold packs.