HCS team search

GT: Ice Dragon X

Time zone: EDT

Hey I’m looking to form or be part of a great team, I been playing halo since the beginning and I play nothing else. I’m calm and cool under pressure and I know a variety of callouts and have great observation in the battlefield. I’m looking to be part of a team that plays as one and acts like one, because I always know that communication is the key to winning. I will be honest thou I’m free mostly during the day until 4 because I have a full time job and two kids but I can commit 3-4 hours and more on my days off and I’m great at managing my time so even thou I’m busy I can always find time to train and work with my teammates and even thou I can write 5 pages of why I want to join or make a team the only way you get to know someone is to just reach out and talk to them so if interested let me know by waypoint or my gamer tag, hope to hear from you and
if you give me a shot I won’t let you down.

  • Requirements Be open-minded
    Be respectful
    Have great communication
    Be level headed
    Be Courteous

  • AttributesOpen-minded
    Level Headed
    Situational Awareness
    Prioritize Autonomous