HCS skin customisation. [Poll included]

I’d appreciate the ability to customise my HCS team skins with add ons I purchased from the store. Such as armor attachments, visors, and the armor/mythic effects. Obviously the skin colour itself won’t be customisable, and I’d be happy to forgo the visor colour option if that’s fundamentally part of the teams skin.

I can’t see the attachments being to intrusive of the teams skin, however I’d like to hear feedback from everyone else about this. Do you think being able to customise the HCS skins is a good idea, or is it to intrusive?

Personally I think it would go a long way in terms of customising our Spartans in Infinite. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Yes, we should be able to customise attachments on HCS skins.
  • No, I think that would be to intrusive.
  • I don’t mind either way.

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What if 343 just deleted the kit, and moved the visor and coating into the regular customization system?


I’d love the coating on my Spartan. I don’t wear the full kit. I did use the BR but even that’s been retired so I can use the Dragonhead BR.

They talked about getting rid of kits being locked so hopefully I can start using them again soon. The Team EnVy skin gonna look so nice with this week’s weekly challenge visor.


More people might buy them.


Yeah, they said they’re working to make kits have colors and parts useable outside of said kids. I love the blue/black and gold/black colors and definitely look forward to using them with my armor sets! (I agree, the weekly challenge visor would be great with EnVy)


These replies are great, it’ll be interesting to see how 343 have changed customisation options going into season 2. Hopefully there’s no barriers whatsoever.

I hope they do, I have the Sentinels Bundle & I wished I would use the Coating on my Spartan I have customised, kind of sucks how we can’t even use Armor kits as a a way to save Templates of Spartans you’ve created

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I don’t touch them because they’re too restrictive being a Kit. I’m not part of their team, nor do I want to be apart of them lol.