HCS PGL Team Recruitment

We are a team of three looking for a fourth, as well as subs for HCS & PGL tournaments. We’re great to get along with. Great communicators, and listeners. Trial period is two weeks, and must be on as much as possible during those two weeks.

  • We are a team not a clan. We do host nontraditional tryouts for admission.- You must be 21 years of age or older.- Understand the concept of wins above K/D.- Must be on everynight 8pm-12am central time.- Must be in the United States.- Must use a headset other than the XB1 default.Contact GT: FF Gingervitus

Hey. I had you added before but I think you deleted me. Once you get a to4 we should scrim.

GT: paradLse (that’s an “L” between the “d” and the “s”)

Hi, my name is Cameron. I’m from Phoenix, Az and I am turning 20 in June. I have a full time job and can buy a new headset in one week. I have been trying to start comp. teams but it never works out. I don’t meet the age requirement but I would love to talk to you and see what happens from there. My gt is…Call Me Grif. Thanks!!