HCS needs a snipers map in rotation

Been watching the Dreamhack Anaheim tournament. And it’s fun to see the game evolve a bit from the last tourney. I have noticed however the UNSC sniper is only featured on one map: Live Fire. And yes the shock rifle is kind of a sniper too, featured on Recharge.

The HCS really could use a DUAL snipers map that has a sniper spawn on both sides of the map. It would have to be a bit larger map in size. If Behemoth is unworthy, than perhaps a remake of a map from a previous title would suffice. Regardless, Infinite needs more sniper play at the pro level.

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I agree entirely. Snipers are handled very strangely in this game. Most maps Where a sniper is even an option have one centrally located sniper rifle, and it only has one extra magazine which makes it only good for a handful of kills if you’re a really good shot. That’s across the board, not just in ranked. I think the only map with two snipers at once is ironically Behemoth and they took that out of rotation in ranked, and it’s two skewers more often than snipers in social.

Infinite is, to my memory, the most sniper-restrictive game in the series. They treat it like most games treat a laser or rocket launcher

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Aquarius would be a pretty cool map to have a pair of Snipers on. They could spawn over in the Sidekick rooms, so they are just far enough away from the bases for a team to potentially control both mid-match, and in an area that they won’t become immediately relevant over the entire map, but can still be used right away to get a cheeky pick or two down the long side-hall. And going for Snipe off the bad means you won’t be able to contest OS, so there’s an immediate decision there, between rushing straight for Snipe or waiting top base to help your team secure OS first.

This kind of setup kind of remiscent of The Pit, where the Snipers could immediately oppose eachother through OS or opt to take a high defensive position.

The map has a really good combination of long sight lines and flanking routes, so while snipers do have some powerful positions like aggressive on top-mid or defensive in base, they will still always have to be on their toes no matter which they choose.

Two maps with defined bases would be good, the snipers would work well.

The Pit and Narrows are great maps for that.

I think that’s what they were going for with Behemoth but the main issue is how wide open the map is. Both The Pit and Narrows can be super intense and very standoffish at times, but Behemoth is just a slaughterhouse.

lets face it, 343 totally killed the snipe in infinite. Sad to see…