Hcs - max rank race

So has you guys know 343 is giving away 2milion in that hcs tournament witch is great and I think never done before!

But I’m wondering why you guys at 343 are not giving back to the general community and the warzone community!
Its awesome that us (majority warzone players) provided a big part of that prize money! Giving back to other gamers is great and I applause 343 to do something so amazing!

But I wouldn’t be awesome to see a prize for the first guys to get that lv 152
Or I don’t know a tournament in warzone and I’m laying this out there because. Who buys req packs?
Warzone players so? Would it make sense to actually give back to the community and hard core dedicated players!

Giving back to the pro scene is one thing but there’s 2 side!

I’m sure that wasp and petty penguin would agree on this!

What do you guys think?
Am I crazy or this would be something nice to see?

crazy tbh

its a nice thought but anyone with time can hit 152

the tourney takes a little more skill than grinding

Many high level players represent multiple people sharing one account. Doesn’t make sense to reward someone for this. And no one forces you to spend money on REQs.

Guys I’m not complaining hahaha
Look of there’s a cheater in the top guys it’s know pretty dam quick and he is reported
Then look at wasp he is streaming 95% of his game time there’s no 2person playing!
I think you guys don’t realize how long it’s gojng to take to be 152! It could be in a a time limit!

I’m just suggestion to give back to the competitive arena aspects of halo 5
The warzone community and the social