HCS Launch drops from Twitch

its been 12-13 days after Claiming my HCS Launch drops from Twitch and i still haven’t received them how do i fix this. because i don’t want to be the person that spent 3 hours of there life on nothing

thank you to all the people who have replied and going off on what they said ill put in a ticket.

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I haven’t gotten my anniversary items and I played before the deadline. They claim to keep me updated…


A lot of people never got them because there was an issue on waypoint - their twitch account showed as ‘…’ on their profile.

Now the claim button has already been pressed and the event is over anyway there’s nothing more you can do at this point except submit a ticket to their support site.

343 have been silent on the issue although they’re all on their Christmas holidays at the moment


ii sent them a message and they said they couldnt do anything about it kind of lame


Sadly there isn’t a known fix at the moment.

Halo Support are asking people to raise tickets but they can’t solve those tickets themselves but it is apparently so the devs can investigate.

There is a thread called ‘HCS drops not showing’ might be worth keeping an eye there as I think it’s the biggest thread about the issue.