HCS Kits Need fixing

I like the HCS skins and coatings, i really do, but them being Kits really ruins it for me, why would I pay 10$ to invalidate the Battle Pass I bought for 10$?

Its nice there’s a kit that adds a helmet and visor you probably don’t have, but I think that its a no brainer that the packs should give both the Kit, and also a normal coating for ALL armor cores, so that way i can represent the team i want while running the helmet or armor core I want.

I want to buy one, but as soon as I get the confirm prompt, I say to myself, why would I buy this, I cant run it with my commando helmet? and proceed to cancel.

I don’t want to say it needs to be fixed ASAP, because there’s a bunch of more pressing issues, but with the HCS championships rn, this is probably when you will sell the most hcs skins.


Yeah I agree, kits are an awful idea.

I’m currently using the BR skin only. I would love to use the armour coating on my Mark V core with the helmet, visor and shoulders I prefer.


Yeah kits are dumb. Just another limiting factor. There’s two kits in the battle pass as well that don’t let you change anything.

Wait some kits do let you change stuff? because there’s more than 2 kit in the battle pass afaik

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the only kits in the battle pass are Jun and Carter, which you can’t change.

Theres all of Noble team as kits

No I just looked. Carter, Jun, and Kat.

Isn’t Jorge there too?

No, his armor is in there, but not a full “kit.”

I feel like I have pieces of Carter right now that I’m wearing, because when I unlocked him I was like “I already kinda look like him.” But, I could totally be wrong.

Agreed! Why is the only universal armor coating the HCS Winter, also known as the Pepsi skin?! I don’t mind the 3 armor cores because I actually enjoy having 3 separate customizable Spartans, but please let armor coatings be universal for use on all.

I am 100% sure all Noble team’s members have kits, that’s that. And TBH I’m not bothered by cool kits like those, I get the concept of keeping their “unique” armors unique.

But for the HCS I have no defense

You must have a buggy battle pass.

Mine contains all 5 members of Noble Team.