HCS Kits are kind of predatory

When you go to the HCS kit section in the store, you get a nice free coating that you can wear with any armor combination and armor core. I saw this and went ahead and bought one of the paid kits, thinking that I could mix and match the coating, armor, and emblems it came with (mostly just wanted the coating).

However, that’s obviously not the case. I didn’t know that kits couldn’t be mixed and matched, the game never explicitly tells the user this, nor did I know this and I regularly follow Halo news.

Honestly, providing a free coating and then having kits right next to them is kinda predatory. I’m honestly kind of upset that the game never tells you what a kit is, it seems to me that the user is supposed to already know, which is a huge oversight imo because the average Joe (and avid Halo player like myself) has no idea

If I wasn’t a huge Halo fan, this would put me off from the game. I really hope that 343 changes the way kits work so that you can just edit them. Or if 343 doesn’t want to change the way kits work, please at least change these HCS kits into actual individual coatings and emblems, because otherwise I feel kinda scammed out of my money.


So you’re saying you can’t apply those colors to any armor set? Wow. Good to know. Didn’t expect that either.


Restricting the HCS colors is a bad move.

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Yeah I regret getting one, I went for the first one cause I like the coating mainly black with a reflective blue. Awesome color combo, went into. Customization couldn’t find click on the kit and there it was. But can’t apply the cost to anything else and it dictates what armor pieces you wear too. Once you unlock and coat it should be available to any core.

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