hcs grassroots.

Hi all im just looking for a little help. I played against ubernicks over 2 weeks ago in social and haven’t received my nameplate yet. I saw someone saying it can take up to 3 weeks but ive noticed some people from that day have already received theres and im just wondering if maybe ive been forgotten. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks :). p.s also i have the screenshot from ubernicks twitch stream with me in the game if that helps.

bump. anyone able to help? is it likely ive been forgotten if people have already received the nameplate from that date? like i said i can provide a picture of me in ubernicks game.

no one seems to be getting back to me. i think it has been 4 weeks or close to when i played unbernicks, heres the screenshot from his stream of me in the game with him. not sure if its allowed or not, if not il delete the picture.

Same here, Waiting for halo cliptrocity and shooting star nameplate.

I’m in the same boat aswell.

Hey everyone! Apologies in the delay you all are experiencing with getting the nameplates. We have another round of names being granted soon and your GTs should be on the list. Feel free to DM with your GT to confirm and we’ll work together to get this sorted out.