HCS Drops not showing up after 2 months

Anyone else having issues with HCS drops from twitch not showing up? I’ve been waiting 2 months for the HCS Launch pistol skin and the victory shout pose. The HCS Winter skins and the new emblem/pose/nameplate also aren’t showing up. My accounts are linked properly and I’ve claimed the drops on twitch. They’re just broken.


They said if the drops didn’t show up in your redeem history immediately within five minutes, you were never going to get them. So they are never going to show up no matter how long you wait, because the code wasn’t redeemed to the account. They just got lost in transit. The solution was to unlink accounts, make a new Twitch, make sure they were linked properly with no “…” username loading error, then start all over again. I got every drop within 5 minutes of claiming. Your account was bugged out, or you had browser extensions blocking the popup.

Hate to say it but you’re not getting them. Something must have gone wrong either in your link or claim process…so you’re only option is to remove all links completely and start from scratch.

Information in this article may also be of some help to you OP


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The linking process went off without any problems, that’s what I’m confused about. This is also my second twitch/gamertag combo. It happened twice. And I have no chrome extensions that would block the linking auth pop up.

If it happened twice on the same browser, it must be something then. Maybe the browser, maybe an extension, ad blocker, maybe antivirus, no clue, but it happened twice to you. I personally linked with and use the mobile Twitch app, so I don’t have any advice on that end.

The next HCS seems to be 4/29/22 iirc, so maybe just use the app next time and see if that works, or use the app with a new account since the current HCS I think is still going on for another half a day.

I read through it. Nothing in the article helped. I haven’t experienced any issues with linking my account or anything like that. So there’s no need to unlink and re–link my account at this point.

The only issue is that the drops all say claimed on Twitch, with the checkmark saying account connected under each of them. But they aren’t showing up under my redemption history on Waypoint and they aren’t showing up in-game. They just got lost in the matrix, I guess.


Good to know that for some reason or another that I can’t clam the drops as they never showed out in the “Redemption” section. As well the event is over so I can’t make a new account and spend another four hours watching watching the stream to earn them again… So i guess I am stuck hopping that they chose to do drops of them again.

I haven’t gotten mine at all, and I’ve waited a while. Waypoint support essentially told me I was screwed, so that’s nice.

still haven’t received my Got Milked emblem bundle after 6 days lol