HCS Drop i earned the pistol camo and the victory shout, but

i earned the pistol camo and victory should but only the victory shout is showing on my waypoint and in game is there a way i can get the log a ticket to have this looked at?

Did you redeem it via twitch?

i did for both items

it’s been 4 days now and mine still hasn’t shown up. i’ve relinked my accounts to no avail. twitch shows the items are clearly earned and claimed. armor and weapon coatings are available in game. seems like a bug. will likely get resolved in the new year if not sooner.

I’ve been in contact with Halo Support about it. They had me go through the basic checking Twitch, re-linking, etc. with no luck. Even sent a screenshot for proof. Hopefully they can fix it.

Same thing here and contacted support just like you. To my disappointment they shrugged this problem under a rug by saying the following:

Hi Reidorane,

Thank you for your update.

At this time, we don’t have a workaround and can’t predict when there might be a resolution, but your issue has been logged with our developers. They will use the information you provided during their investigation.

If this issue is resolved in an update, we will notify you. If not, your ticket may remain in an open state until a game update. We will check in with you whenever a game update is released to ensure that your issue is still occurring.

If our developers have a question for you or we discover a workaround, we may reach back out to you with questions or steps for you to try. If you discover a workaround yourself, please feel free to send it back to us! We can share that information with other players encountering the same issue and with our developers for further investigation.

So yeah, guess those of us who didn’t get it are gonna stay like this - sc*ew’d