HCS armor offers

I bought an armor set under HCS offers for $10 but I can’t use anything in the battle pass to customize this armor.

There is no point for me to level up the battle pass if I want to keep using the mentioned armor.

Anybody else has encounter this dumb problem?


I really like the color of the armor but I wanted to change the helmet and that’s when I realized that I could not change anything.

This is how it is designed. Once you get the Reach Kits (like Carter’s at level 20) they work the same way. You have to use exactly what they gave you or nothing at all. Same with weapon kits.

Its a terrible system, which is why if you want to customize carter or emile’s shoulder pieces you will have to pay for them in the store when they come.

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Hahaha what is 343 doing??? I just can’t understand.


Just greedy things. :+1:

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I just put up a thread and im hoping to get a solid collection of feedback on their. If you dont mind going on there and putting your feedback. I have also come across this. I bought the cloud nine set hoping i could change the armor but keep some aspects of it because i love the color pallet. but when you go to change anything then it removes everything and honestly it was really disappointing. even if they locked the color pallet and the emblem I wouldnt mind that. But unfortunately that isnt the case

Sure. What is the title of the thread?


Im hoping to get a list together for all the information together in one place. another really good one that I found recently is

Comprehensive list of core player feedback for Halo Infinite

I just think that we as players need to start making this easier to access for the dev team in order for a better chance to be heard

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Yeah, true, but they know what are the complaints.

We shouldn’t have to make this “easier” for devs for them to acknowledge things that community voiced everywhere since the beginning.

But this is nice for players to have an easier way to give their opinion, and hard numbers are better shown too, like the player collision “split” who shows the majority opinion right from the start, no vague statement about what are the numbers, just the numbers straight.

The shop does clearly outline what you’re buying if you look at the individual items in the respective bundle. Kits are “as-is”.

That being said, Ive been saying since day one (both in other posts and my own post that quickly got buried under a mountain of redundancy and people complaining about not having enough free stuff in their free game) that it would go a long way for 343i to unlock the armor coatings and visors for universal use. Requiring a kit to be all or nothing is fine, but allow us to apply the coating from that kit to any armor build we choose.

This ads value to the things purchased in the shop and will ultimately incentivize more microtransactions, which is what 343i wants/needs to happen to keep the game going as long as they intend.

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You’re right on the money about a need to present feedback in a simpler manner for the dev. Any dev under the sun will not sift through entitled rage to find constructive criticism, and online forums have worked against themselves in this regards for years.

It only helps the community to be constructive.

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Very well said, I agree entirely.

I’m finding a large portion of the complaints insufferable. Talking about corporate greed when everyone asking for more free stuff. The free stuff they are getting ain’t satisfactory.

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