HCS Armor Coating Items - Use on other armor cores

Does anyone know if certain armor kit items from the HCS for example, the black visor for the FNATIC armor kit, can be used outside of the kit on other armor cores?

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As of right now anything in the HCS kits in the store is only locked to the MK VII core and you can’t change any of your armour when you have it equipped, which is still really stupid as I actually really like some of the skins but I don’t want to buy them if they’re locked to a certain look (I also don’t want to spend money on principle for how 343 is handling the game but that’s just me).

The emblems on the guns are also not removable if you’re using the weapon skins.


So just to be clear - if I want to take a visor from the HCS MK VII and move it to a non HCS MK VII armor it will not work?

I would like to add it to another MK VII setup that I have. I recently saw someone with the black visor on a non-HCS MK VII kit so I was just wondering. It was not a bot either.

Not work? You can’t do it at all. Armor Kits are uncustomizable.

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Pretty much as mr_taco said you can’t customize your cores with anything from the kits or customize the kits themselves.

Same thing applies with the Reach kits, you can’t use the unique armour pieces unless you’re using that specific armour kit which is locked to that core.

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