Hazop armor Locked


I’ve had this helmet since Reach was out all those years ago and the only way I can get it now is to buy it!!!

I was really hoping that the store would just have new items available in Halo but to lock away a piece that what I feel like is mine and charge me for it. Halo 4 and 5’s new hazop helmet was horrible looking and it was great to be able to play Reach again in the MCC. I was so happy seeing a bot wearing my hazop helmet in infinite and if I had to play 5000 games to get it I would, with no problem.

I’ve already put a lot of money into this game I’m not putting anymore into it, especially something that I had before for FREE. I earned that armor and wore it with pride.

There better be a way to unlock armour pieces in the future because to hell with this store if they won’t let us have what is ours and try and charge us more for old cosmetics or even colours!!!


People keep saying you got it for free before, but that’s only possible in the MCC. Prior to that you had to buy the game in order to unlock the armor. It wasn’t free. We have to pay to unlock it now as well. That’s reasonable.

What is NOT reasonable is

  • the ridiculous pricing
  • the fact that it’s directly buyable, rather than unlockable as part of a larger purchase ie the battle pass

Everything in the store so far should be on the battle pass. Hell, if they made it $25-$30 but had all of this content on there, EVERYONE would be eating it up.

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Exactly. Why wasn’t my hazop gear available in the battlepass. You know what else would of been common sense.

Rather than having 75 challenge swaps consumables they could of had only 45.
So the 30 spaces would of been free for the BASIC COLOURS we’ve had since every halo game.

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I’m heartbroken. HAZOP was my all time favourite helmet. It is beyond frustrating to find that its stuck away in the shop forever.

This is probably the straw that breaks the camels back for me. I think I’m going to stop playing. Maybe I’ll come back to check out forge when it comes out. I really, really wanted to like this game, but this greed is just completely unignorable, and unacceptable to me.

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I’m more surprised in folks liking gen 1 hazop to me it’s ugly it never was my favorite reach helmet

I’m the same. I’m still trying to get through the campaign and I really want to like this game but doing something like this is just wrong. We have to speak up and make 343 understand that we’re not happy about this. I want to be able to look at the store see something NEW and not have the cost be ridiculous so that it could push me to buy something. As it is right now they ain’t getting a cent from me for MY Hazop helmet.

It grew on me. It was one of the first helmets you unlocked in Reach in the beginning ranks. Later on new helmets became available and everyone wore those. I swapped back and forth from my Hazop eventually sticking with it. Think I was rank nova or eclipse and I rocked that Helmet. People with there Emile’s Helmet thinking I was some noob and they would freak out that someone with a low ranking helmet mopped the floor with them. I even got people messaging me stuff like
“so what if you won. Your helmets looks like crap”
it would make me laugh.

I ran the piolt with the third attachment set up for years even to mcc up until we’ll first when GRD came and then now with the forsaken dragon helmet

To me I like the gen 2 hazop over the gen 1 but I can understand folks liking the reach version

I remember unlocking the pilot helmet it was so cool how bungie did it, 2 or 3 weeks after Reach launched. The pilot helmet wasn’t visible in the customizations menu so nobody knew about it. Only when you reached a certain rank it became available. I had enough credits and unlocked it straight away. Think within my first 6 matches I was getting messages from people saying
“How’d you get that”
“Whats that”
“Was that an achievement”
" Are you a bungie employee"

Those were the halo days. Its sad that 343 couldn’t recreate this with infinite. Instead rather than having people feeling happy to unlock things, they’re just plain out asking for you to spend money…

We’ll there is some 343 only stuff for them

Including blue flame so there’s that if anything

I hate to sound like a -Yoink!-, but you had the model featured in Reach, you never owned this variant of Hazop.

Sorry man, it’s there if you really want it.

I mean, you’re not wrong that it wasn’t technically free. But it was included with the game. I’d gladly pay $100 for a version of Infinite with campaign, multiplayer, custom colors, working custom game, and all armor unlockable. But they won’t give us that option, because no price is enough when whales will gladly buy it all one $20 piece at a time.

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I get what your saying. No bother bud.
Even if there was a plain auld vanilla variant Hazop helmet… Still will not pay extra for it. Just because I paid the retail price of halo reach back in the day. The Hazop helmet wasn’t giving to me. I had to play and rank up to earn it. Putting more money into something that feels like yours is just wrong ya know!

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That’s another problem actually. Several of the reach designs - not necessarily including this one - were ruined bc 343 or gutted to be resold in pieces (that you can’t even wear together) in the store.
Butchered: scout helmet, patrol armor, probably more
Gutted: every single knife (every chest had one, plus Jun’s and Emile’s shoulders), -Yoink!- (lower back) packs


Those knives aren’t free you know. Spartans have to earn them. And by earn them, I mean, that’ll be $10.

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I mean I’m not trying to sound pretentious while blatantly being pretentious.

I lucked out with ODST being part of the BP, but in all honesty if it was a store drop I’d probably drop $25 on it if I hadn’t put any money into the title first.

Some armor just speaks to people. For your sake I hope you get it somehow.

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War with cutlery.

343 spoon feeding us knifes for $10.
Feels like they want us to chase that dragon and they know some of us will because its addictive and they know if we want it they can make money from it.

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Me too bud. Considering I already put €569.00 into this game, well sorta.
I was lucky enough to get the halo xbox series X and it came with the campaign. Do you get anything for having this, like the unicorn helmet with halo 4…nope… nothing. Not even a nameplate. Think after spending that much, having to buy extra for my Hazop gear feels like a kick in the teeth.

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At first I was like “bruh” but paying for the console made sense.

It literally comes with nothing extra?

I think that’s more of a kick in the teeth than the Hazop honestly. Pretty sure the limited edition consoles (and some controllers) had digital extras of some kind.

Nothing that I can see. There’s not much you get from the campaign either. A few coatings really. 343 made an easy billion in the 1st week of halo infinite hell halo 5 made 500 million in the 1st week. Knowing that and how much I gave to them and I end up with what feels like nothing. They could of at the very least have all the armors in the battlepass and they be all plain, then have the same armors in the store that had extra details on them for money.