Hazard pay Icarus and smooth operator achievements

I play on steam.
First of all, for those that don’t know these achievements are unlocked by competing all spartan ops misdions on heroic, legendary and solo legendary.
When I complete a mission, it takes me back to the mission selection screen, instead of putting me in the next mission. And still shows the mission I just did as unplayed.
So I had to manually go to each mission.
I got achievements for completing every chapter, but not these three other achievements.
After a google search that brought me here, people said to just do it again maybe I missed a mission.
I did all 50 missions AGAIN, and still. No achievement.
Then someone asked if I had an xbox. I do.
He said go on my xbox, delete my profile and then sign back into it. It forces the data to re sync.
I get on xbox and nothing.
But the missions on Xbox don’t show “unplayed”
They show that they were completed on easy…🤦🏼‍♂
I know for a fact that I was on legendary on PC.
I have been grinding achievements and I suffered through doing all laso campaigns solo.
These 3 achievements as of now seem unobtainable along with madrigal debut.
Would hate for my grind to 100% achievements be stopped by these 4 achievements…

While the counter is broken, the achievements should still be progressing and you definitely should have unlocked them. I 100% suggest that you submit a support ticket because you shouldn’t have to go through the pain of completing all of the chapters again on legendary.