Having some connection issues with friends. Help ?

So, I know this is a topic that was around WAY back when the MCC first came out, but a buddy of mine just got an Xbox One along with the MCC and we can’t connect. I can connect to all my other friends, just not them. This also happened with another buddy of mine when he first got his xbox one, but now all of a sudden we can join each other. That started around the update of ODST and the Remnant map. Do I have to wait until another update for MCC in order to be able to connect to my friend who just got his x1 and Halo ? or is there another way ? anyone got any advice ?

Just spent 45 mins to get in the same lobby as my friend. Then after multipul reboots on both ends the first game we get into i insta drop. Then cant join up again. I bought xbox one just for this game.

if i had nothing better to do i would try to get my money back. A few hours to play after work and this is what i get to deal with 7-8 months after the games release. What a joke. Def going sony in the future how can u trust this bs. Bill gates givin money to charity when that money should be coming back to everyone that got ripped off on this bs.

what a joke of a corporation…

Hi there. I still have this issue also. Same situation as yours. Buddy of mine bought Xbox One. He’s stoked, I’m stoked, we both wanna match up. First we didn’t even know how to invite each other until we found the “Roster” button and I could get into his profile and invite him. The he says: “Connection Failed”. Ugh. So we tried joining each others session, it failed 100% of the time. Yet, when we run the Network test from Xbox One’s Settings, it says all is fine and dandy. This game, imo, is still broken. Yeah, campaign works, and I even joined an online game with random other players playing a Halo CE map, but getting into a party with a friend is still broken. Why can’t 343i fix this? What is holding them up, other than them focusing all their efforts on Halo 5 now? Why doesn’t someone from Microsoft intervene and kick some #@%?

I’m having similar issues with one particular friend. With most people things run smoothly but with the friend I most want to play with we can seldom ever get the game to connect.