Having server and ping issues, every game I join boots and then the game temporarily bans me

This happened after a breaker tripped mid-game, and my power went out. When I came back, I was banned from matchmaking. Then, after the ban lifted, I entered a game of Halo 3, and everyone disconnected and the game ended. Turns out, it gave me a text prompt saying that a player in my team was banned, and another saying that I was too. I tried to toggle my network from Xbox live to LAN and back, but it didn’t do anything. I asked the r/Halo subreddit for help, and all I got was the label of “cheater.” Right now, mcc is stuck on “contacting server.”
Is anyone experiencing any similar server issues? Are there any fixes?

Me, my entire team, and the entire enemy team just got kicked from a game not too long ago. The person I was playing with and I didn’t try another game, we just stopped playing for the night but it may be related.

After 9:30 PST, hard resetting my xbox console fixed the server issue. Apparently, some users had similar experiences.

I’m honestly surprised anyone’s even able to find games at moment since been having no luck for 2 days.