Having multiple issues with this game (XB1X)

Hello all, I have not posted in a while but I need some help, I bought an Xbox One X last week and seem to be having problems with Halo 5, I shall list the issues below. If anyone else is having these problems then let me know. Also, I am playing on a 1080p monitor, not 4K. Also the game is digital meaning its not a disc problem.

  1. Terrible frame drops in custom games, it doesn’t matter what map it is I will always get drops, they last up to 30 seconds.

  2. Can’t join most custom games, when I try to join a game through the browser my game will pretty much freeze for quite some time before displaying the lost connection message.

  3. After a custom game ends and everyone is returned to the lobby my game will just freeze, the only way to stop it is to close the whole game.

They are the main issues that I have, also I can not find any Arena or Warzone games, its just an endless search. But I just assume that no one is playing it because I can find matches in other games just fine.

Update on freezing problems: