Having more fun with Custom Games than quick play and worrying about challenges

With the absolute horrendous mess of the store prices, and dangling customization scraps in front of players to get them to sink hours and hours just to be able to uniquely express themselves rubbing everyone the wrong way, my buddies and I were looking for a new game to jump to.

We totally forgot about custom games!

We’ve been having so much more fun playing our own custom games, rather than getting oddball 50 times in a row with nobody who wants to play the objective.

I created a mode called Bug Zapper, with increased speed and jumping, decreased gravity, and instakill sentinel beams that never need to reload. So much fun with tons of bots on the field.

Then we just did no radar snipers with 3 of us on a BTB map. The system allows for a lot of customization.

We need to get a community made customs games browser going using the Xbox LFG system. It might just reignite that spark that is slowly dwindling for a lot of people