Having issues with double xp

I am having an issue with my double xp and was wondering if anyone knows what is happening. Over the past few days i have been using my double xp tokens and they seem to be running out faster than they should have, I couldnt be sure though but just this morning I activated 2 double xp games, and after only 1 game it said I had 0 double xp matches left. What is going on here, this doesnt make any sense and is there any way to get the tokens I lost back?

I’m having the same problem! I just went from 20 to 18 to 17 then down to 0… there is for sure an issue with the double exp system.

I hope it will be resolved and we get our points back

The problem is that i have already contaced mountain dew about this but I dont know how to contact 343 to see if they can resolve it. I really dont want to lose all those double xp games i could have had. I got a large amount of double xp games and i decide to do some math to see how many games i could play to reach the xp cap and how many tokens it would use. I havent even hit the cap every day yet and I have already used 2 times the amount I have calculated.

It wont even let me sign in let alone the ones that where taken from me…

so i cant even load any on my profile it is really making me mad, i keep getting the terms and condition error but i did that forever ago. i think i am about to just give up for the night and work on commendations when my double xp runs out.

you think by now dew and miro would have all the bugs of this system worked out.

Cache, delete cookies


That still doesnt solve the problem of double xp game tokens disappearing for no reason but it should help with the logging on issue.

having the same problem as well, this is horse manure!!!

i think from now on ill just add the games one at a time

Yeah it wont even let me sign into my XBL account. Also the apply button doesnt do anything…

I am now also having issues signing into my xbox live account so even if I wanted to I cant add any more points to my account and I have 76 left.

Same problem here. FAIL

yaeh, there seem to be quite a few few problems with 2x xp. a few weeks ago I hit my xp cap and kept playing so I could earn commendations(my friends and I finally got a big enough party to go on a dominion victory spree) and the next day when I started earning xp it said I had about 20-30 less tokens than I did when I hit my cap the night before.

The problem still exists. I entered in five codes and after two matches it stopped giving me double XP.

I’m having issues as well. I just got the game a couple days ago so basically, i’ve been binging on master chief. but even with the amount i play, i don’t think i’ve ever hit my xp limit. My double xp is not showing up at all after matches as if it doesnt exist, but on dewxp.com i still have 81 games worth. this all occurred last night when that patch hit.

For everyone having a problem you can call this number 1-888-889-5329 they will refund you what ever points you lost about 5 days after you call.

I am having the the sign in issue, time’s almost up and I have ONLY 7 matches left, thing is I can sign in on the double xp site but it won’t let me sign my xbox account.In a manner of speaking, I put in my email then password on the xbox sign in, it doesn’t tell me my password is wrong, which tells me it’s correct but at the same time my account/gametag didn’t not show at all. So I click on xbox sign in again, this time it only needed my password, so I typed it in, same result, no account/gametag showing up so I can’t apply my matches. Help me out, I’m can’t lose those matches for they are my LAST 7 before time’s up.

P.S. @rem870sg, when you mentioned of refunding points, were you refering to the bankable matches aquired from the Mountain Dew Codes?

I don’t have the ability to use the double XP codes, it won’t let me sign in. :frowning: