Having issue with Walk it off?

I’ve played through this twice, haven’t taken any damage no health pack pickup. Used overshield to make sure no health went down. Achievement still won’t unlock. Any tips?

Try not using the overshields. That “may” count.

Did you try not picking up oversheilds?

I tried first time through no overshields. I’ll try again tomorrow but it just doesn’t seem to be popping.

You might of just picked one up by accident and overlooked it. It happened to me but I just played it again on normal with my friend going ahead of me instead.

In addition to the above have you done a run without reverting to checkpoints? In some games with these kind of achievements they don’t revert the event flag that tells the game you’ve failed the achievement when you go back to a checkpoint. Same with restarting the level from the pause menu.

Nope made sure to avoid the health packs. Watched for the white screen and mapped every health pack. It’s probably the overshield. I went through in one run, no reverting to checkpoints no deaths.