Having Fun?!

I’d like to hear how Halo 3 day has been for everybody. Halo 4 only hit 50 thousand today with the new ranking system! LOL! Just b/c its no longer Halo 3 day tomorrow doesn’t mean you csnt keep playing!:slight_smile:

I’ve been playing Halo 3 on and off since December, but it was nice to see how quickly I could find games.

I loved every minute of it, even when I had to play in major lag.

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50k is the normal amount of players for week days especially on Monday.

The main reason Halo 3s population was a little higher yesterday was because European kids (such as yourself) are on Easter break. The silly “boycott Halo 4” event did not cause the population to rise. Anyone taking part in that is an idiot to be honest.

Well, i’m devoting my time back and forth between Reach.
I used to just play Reach (I only have it and Halo 3 ODST with the Halo 3 mythic disk that came with ODST) but ever since I rediscovered Halo 3 i’ve been doing that too.