Having armors in shop isnt always bad

As long as its unique and new, it should be worth a pay. The customization should be more about self expression and less about how cool you are getting them. Some people just dont have the time grind as to others dont have the money to buy. My cousin loves Halo and Halo Infinite but he doesnt have the time to sit and grind for hours, but, is happily to spend some money to encourage himself to keep playing. As I love to grind.

This is a free to play game. There will be a monetazation shop. But as long as all the unique stuff isnt just in shop and lame items in the free content, its fair to have some things to buy for. There has to be unique items gained from just playing the game too.
Not everything has to be hard earned especially in a F2P game. That being said, have a shop with items you know definitely players will want.

I heard the next Tenrai event gets better with real coatongs and armors, so cheers to that

Why not have both? People with less time on their hands can simply buy it, people with time to grind can play for it.

As it is, the shop stuff is exclusive to the shop, you have to spend money to get it. This has not gone down well with the players of previous games who could always earn armor for free given enough time.


The game should have tools so we can create our own cosmetics and share them for free. We are going in the backwards direction with Infinite :rofl:

I remember having FIFA 5-10 years ago and being able to download updated rosters, faces, kits, and even stadiums. And, there was tools so you can make your own.


yeah well the problem is they are selling old armor aside from the cat ears all the stuff that’s been in the store is old…


I just don’t get how hazop a helmet you got so early on in halo reach it might as well have been a default helmet. You were the noob that just bought the game if you had it on. Then infinite out here just slaps a 20 on it.

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Current helmets exclusive to the store (and 343 said they’ll never be available any other way to respect player’s investment):

Mk VII armor core

  • Anubis - 2000 credits
  • Enigma - 1000 credits
  • ISR - 1000 credits
  • Soldier - 2000 credits
  • Zvezda - 2000 credits

Mk V [B] armor core

  • Hazop - 2000 credits

Yoroi armor core

  • Chonmage - 2000 credits
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so all but ISR are $20 USD

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Just bring out the paid stuff at a later time to passes or some challenges or something. A way for free players to get them.

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I think unless it’s something brand new (like the cat ears) It should not be in the shop.


If 343I makes the shop cheaper, and used armor and stuff from the previous games as standard customization which was not locked behind paywalls.
Then Halo Infinite would continue to stay popular and relevant. Sad it turned out this way.
Just the small touch of having a little pool of variety in free and standard legacy customization, and I wouldn’t mind the shop and paywalls at all.
The shop and battlepass should just be about all new cosmetics, like all the new armor they made for Halo 5 for example. Along with emblems, coatings and such.
But it’s a fail to not have a standard little pool of variety in free customization.
I don’t understand why 343I doesn’t understand that the longer the lifespan of popularity, the more money they would make.
With cheaper prices also.

I really, really wish 343I takes all the constructive criticism about Halo Infinite and listen to the fanbase.
So the lifespan of Halo Infinite, actually can stay Infinite.

They nailed gameplay mechanics, graphics, atmosphere, bosses, balance and campaign.
The only things that’s missing is listening to the fans and the upcoming content.
Such as co-op, forge, firefight and custom games.


having a bigger store front, say like the hcs page would possibly lower prices, with more options.

The game still needs som quality of life improvmeents the netcode is a mess the hit registry is funky collisions withe players are funky ,but yeah the game does play well despite this still those things being fixed would turn this decent game into a great game not to mention adding forge and campaign fixex


I don’t mind paying for cosmetics in games these days, but I hate the way the Infinite store is set up. Vermintide 2 is great, certainly not perfect, but better than what we have here.

There’s two types if currency in use there and items are locked to being behind one or the other. Shillings can only be earned through gameplay, and then there’s a set of items that can only be bought with cash. Personally I’d prefer a system where every item can be bought with either currency depending on preference.

The best thing about that store though is there’s no FOMO, no weekly cycling, just the full catalogue on display all the time. Also, despite their being bundles, you can also just buy individual pieces, whenever you want. I’m sure if Infinite took something similar to this model then the backlash really wouldn’t be so bad.

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i dunno i kinda liked the Hazop helmet in halo 4 with it’s odd visor.

This is just what I wantnto support. Not everything should be a hard grind and should work for everyone. As long as its fair for both oarties.

Its also why I believe the shop shouldnt be for nostalgia items and only new, unique items. 343i should change that if they want the shop to have worthful sales.

I dont support that. Call of Duty has that already of its own and people would spent an hour or create the most inappropriate designs on their weapons. I remember my cousin actually spending hisntime looking up how to create an anime than actually playing the game.

Fair enough. What about if the design goes through a review and testing process? And/Or, if it’s just for Emblems and Nameplates?

The main reason I bring this up is that we are moving forward to having more limitations, and not just in game design but in many other real life situations. Progress is having less limitations.

I remember Halo 5’s forge had a 343i showcase on Twitter or something, somtimes where players with the best forge maps were launched in its multiplayer. It can do the same thing.

Emblems have a chance to be similar too now since they expanded its use onto guns and vehicles. Unless theres an official place to put your designs on a page to showcase, then lucky enough to launch into the game, that would be the only way.