having a ridiculous halo4 issue

When i look at my service record in the spartan hub, it shows all of my stats as usual. When I am in game or looking for a match, it shows that I am level 1 ( I’m actually 31). In the spartan hub it shows my armor and load outs as I had chosen them, but in game my spartan has recruit armor and hasn’t unlocked any load outs.To make it wierder, I ranked up shortly after it started, but again in the spartan hub it shows that I ranked up and gained access to new armor while in game I have all the perks of a level 1. It’s been going on since yesterday. When I go to the xbox waypoint app, it says that there was a loading error. When I try to access my stats online it gives the error code:429AB6AB-9BB5-48CF-9743-8D2EB570B4DC. When I view my waypoint account it says that I haven’t even played the game. I would really appreciate some help.

This reminds me of the frequent bug Bungie had on Halo Reach where everywhere else you would appear to be your rank except the actual game where one appears as a recruit. Perhaps there is a connection?