Having a Issue with the Campaign

Ok i keep getting this error. When I’m trying to play Campaign (Solo). Its these two maps Composer and Midnight they want play for some reason. It would load about two or three times and then it would says…

"Players failed to load content. A player may be missing downloadable content"

It says that when I’m playing Co-op Campaign and Solo. I have tryed letting someone else host it in Co-Op still want work. I tryed starting it the mission before it still wont work. NEED HELP

that usually implies that something is wrong with your disc.

a while ago my 360 ate my limited edition copy of halo 4 (laser burning, which despite what MS says, is entirely the company’s fault for putting the aperture so far out that it can do that to a disk. anyways…) while i could play war games, my campaigns failed to load. i also occasionally got thrown out after a war game with an “disc is unreadable” error attached.

yours must have suffered some similar damage, unless you are using a downloaded version, in which case it probably needs reinstalling