Haven't played since November 18th...

So, what’s new?:slight_smile:

> So, what’s new?:slight_smile:

LAG still there but the weapon tuning made the game much more skillful.
Slayer Pro added to 4v4 and Big Team Slayer (as Halo 3) added to BTB. SOme other stuff and a map rotation that’s a bad idea. Oh wait and some maps have changed it’s weapon, vehicles and espawns layout.

Lag bothers me but all the new stuff is very cool.

Hmmm and since november I think there are no more random ordnances

Well, weapon tuning is good. I agree about the lag but that’s pretty much luck of the draw in most of the cases. Sounds like I’ll have a lot to rediscover lol.

IMHO it’s a great time to hop back on for a few dozen games, see if you like the new feel.

I think the June 3 update was a home run. It’s definitely a more skilled game and feels more like “classic” Halo. It’s no longer a DMR-only club and now I find every loadout weapon being used in nearly every game I play. Great variety. And I think the base speed increase feels “right”.

What’s old? Hog (and Mantis) chain gun got a nice buff but overall the hogs are still poorly armored. A quibble, though, and nothing good driving can’t help mitigate. Also, the shield refresh rate feels even slower now that they bumped up the base player speed.

Play and find out. Don’t see much of a point in asking the forums.

A lot has changed.

Things are getting better, and I can actually use the BR and Carbine now.

They totally fixed the primary weapons imbalance!!! They feel fantastic.

Oh, but then they ruined every single stock map with garbage, near-instant power weapons and vehicle spawns that completely make the game more unplayable than ever.