Haven't gotten Recon

I have played halo 3 on my new account for about a month and still have not gotten it . any help ? bs angel ? thanks


i wouldn’t worry about it now, it has no value since everyone has it, the next best things would be the Hyabusa helmet and the Katanna

good luck

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New players shouldn’t get Recon until all the old ones have it… At least, I hope. If 343i has any sense, I would guess that the new players get Recon probably toward the end of the year. I’m a player since mid '08 and haven’t even gotten Recon.

I’ve seen some annoying things, like unranked people having Recon or Recruits/Apprentices having Recon, myself being a Major and having seen even higher ranked people without Recon.

I’m not sure what kind of chaos surrounds these waves of Recon releases, but hopefully they’ll be over soon and new players simply get Recon monthly.

Hey, not trying to hijacking your thread but it is recent so… I have been playing since halo 3 came out and online registered with bulge since 07… And i didn’t get it yet. Anything special i have to do i have over 1250 gs in this game alone. And somehow half my hyabussa armor is missing and others. Bit still have katana… Any idea how to fix?