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no really like out of 30 games i play haven once… thats gay as -Yoink-
they need to make haven show up more on the voting screen for infi slayer im getting tired of playing some of the -Yoink- maps…i just want haven again man…

Huh. Interesting. Almost everytime i play InfSlay i get Haven as one of the options.
I guess you are just having a really bad luck.

and plese, watch your language.

I play on Haven constantly. It usually shows up as a voting option every other time in IS, if not every time. According to Waypoint, it’s also my most played map.

OP, you probably just had a very unlucky day because I find it hard to believe that you only played Haven once out of 30 games.

BTW, I think you are overreacting a bit too much. There’s really no need to be so negative about this.


Actually this has happened to me as well. Although I am getting a lot more DLC options. In my last 16 games I have seen Daybreak come up twice as a voting option as well as Monolith and Skyline once.