Haven Gas Massacre

My sister was playing flood on haven today when something really bizarre happened. In the last 40 seconds, everyone dies. Yes, everyone randomly starts dieing. They drop like flies. And I’m not saying they were killed by another player. The just drop down dead and don’t respawn. One player’s dead body, who died as a survivor, even turned into the flood while remaining dead. The game then randomly ended without going to the score or exp screen.

When watching it again in theater, it was like a gas bomb when off, and everyone slowly got killed by it. It was rather comical. I have the video saved, but I would rather not put my sister’s gamertag on the forums. If people request it, I’ll try to get it on my account.

Has anyone else seen this? My guess is extreme lag. One player did survive the bomb, though. Maybe the host?

O no we had a nuke boosters lol
If it was a new thing they add in flood it might be fun lol.

I live on the very edge of my network’s internet signal, so this occurrence is actually pretty common for me.

When I’m not raging about my useless internet, it’s kinda fun to watch.

Lol, nuke boosters.

Odd thing was that everyone was booted at the end, not just my sister. Everyone was still in the party searching for another game.

So, it was not normal, every day lag.

This was ADVANCED lag.

It’s evolving! O.O