Have you guys heard of this Cool Game called Destiny 2 !?

It’s cool! I should have spent my $60 to buy an expansion for Destiny 2 instead of Halo Infinite’s campaign. At least even the free version of Destiny has co-op, bounties, events, raids, strikes, nightfalls, crucible… the list goes on and on! And it’s super pretty!


Destiny 2 does definitely have better performance and graphics. I beat the Witch Queen campaign on legendary and it was so reminiscent of Bungie’s original Halo campaigns. Just an amazing experience


I bought it when it first came out, and they completely screwed the pooch on that one, just as they have here. I bought the new versions, the expansions, etc. and it didn’t get much better. I really did enjoy it, but the microtransactions ruined it, like it is here.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.


I have played the Destiny franchise for more than 7 years. Crucible is horrible with its archaic PTP networking and ultra tryhard players. If you don’t like Halo, you will hate D2 Crucible. The PvE content is grind intensive, and the grind increases with every new season.

LOL… It’s all better than having absolutely nothing to do (halo infinite)

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I don’t like grinding, and then having to REGRIND because they remove an entire array of weapons that I just spent months leveling up. I’m sure if they figured out a way to do that for Halo, they would have, and then would have allowed for you to purchase the fully leveled gun, or each level individually. These microtransactions have got to stop across the entire gaming sphere. It is ruining the games we loved.

343i bring back open lobbies & open communication.

I used to play it until they took all the content I own out of the game.

The engagement on Destiny 2 is very solid, but I wouldn’t go around praising it as the clear superior. They’ve done some pretty shady things with expansions and pricing, not to mention that their entire PVP aspect is often unbalanced due to the existence of “meta” loadouts.

Their PVE content though? That’s worth praising. Not a fair comparison though, since Halo Infinite is first and foremost a PVP arena shooter, but Destiny 2’s PVE content- like Raids, Strikes, Nightfalls and Campaigns- is very good.

Wdym? Play another match. Then win, or lose, and repeat.

No need to waste my time with that when there is MCC. :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember destiny 2. I remember purchasing the first 2 DLCs for the game, both were huge letdowns, but had pretty good-awesome content. And then a couple years later bungie deleting all the content relating to the DLCs that I spent real money on as well as a huge chunk of base game content from the the destiny 2. and then they turned around and released a DLC that was even less finished than the first DLC but was 3 times the price of the base game. I also remember being soft-locked out of the game because I didn’t spend anymore money on the new DLC. I could load in, but I was only limited to about 3 activities, and was locked out of modes and activities that I previously could play (these modes and activities that didn’t even have anything to do with the new DLC).

I tried to get back into the game last year. Crucible is a mess, never trying that again. would be nice if I could actually spawn without getting instantly frozen by an enemy player with ice powers that bungie put no time into balancing.

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Awesome game. Removes content that you’ve paid for. /s

Yeah Destiny is definitely an awesome game because you have all kind of modes for pve, pvp, and pve&p. There is all kinds of matchmaking and an open world that is actually worth exploring. The sound is awesome, gunplay fantastic, and really good graphics. My problem is I hate collecting stuff and deciding what I want to delete out of my vault to make room for more.

I switched to Halo to get away from that, but Halo feels so empty/hollow and EXTREMELY repetitive. There needs to be much much more content. The campaign was meh, and now that I’m done with it, there is NO reason to play it again. Total waste of $60. I’ll be heading back to Destiny if something doesn’t happen soon!

Id say it is a fair comparison. Halo used to be an ip i bought for campaign and campaign co-op. Multiplayer was a bonus.

Infinite completely dropped the ball in that department

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Been playing Since the D1 Beta, The Witch Queen has to be the best Expansion since The Taken King

The one major issue I have with Destiny is that Bungie decided to abandon forge mode. Destiny 2 has a crazy amount of fun content, but it doesn’t match the variety Halo 3 and Reach offered because of forge mode. If they added that mode into Destiny, I’d be playing that game.