Have you ever started making a map then...

Then all of the sudden you just give up? I mean you take a hard look at your map and say “Yeah you know what, NO.” I do this almost everytime I forge. I’m just not inspired anymore, back in Halo3 when I forged on sandbox I was amazing at forge. I guess the reason being is either forge world or I don’t have imagination anymore. Does anyone else have the same problem?

I get this feeling a lot as well. The pieces just don’t snap together like they use to. In sandbox, I could just take random walls and blocks and slide them together to make a 2 or 3 story building. Now, with only one or two wall types (Walls and Double Walls), it’s much harder to get that creative flow going. But I still think the Phased setting is worth it. Geo-Merging (and Ghost Merging… Ugh.) were such pains in the -Yoink- just to get one smooth surface.

haha hapens to me all the time. im half way to finishing a map then i just move on to a new map and delete the old one

Yeah it can happen for me. But instead of giving up I just leave it for a couple of months. xP

Then maybe work a little on it again, before my selection list just gets overwhelmed with unfinished projects hehe.

This happens to me a lot. I spend a lot of time in Forge, and sometimes I just look at my map and can’t see where it is going any more. It isn’t all bad though, I usually use some of the ideas from my scrapped maps in my other maps.

Dude, when you have forged over 10000 times… its obvious you don’t finish every little map. Yes I have played 10,000 games of forge combining H3 and HR games and offline games.

What tends to happen to me is I’ll build a map that thought would be cool with an infection gametype, continuously checking to see if anyone breaks it, they do I’ll fix it. Or other times get feedback saying this didn’t work according to gametype and situation x was terrible, and try to modify or correct it. Then most times i’ll throw a map together with this awesome idea, and 5 minutes later just drop it. Or design a map so huge and awesome, and yeah don’t know where I went with it and said the blam with it.

I usually make a toddlers drawing of a map I want in the wonderful desgin tool of MS Paint! If I get the feeling that what I’m making is not turning out the way I wanted to I usually just leave it until I become inspired again. You just have to have patience in getting the end product.

Yeah, I remade the Trenches map from Gears 3 and was just about to do the spawns when I realized you could evade over the sandbags to get to the other spawns quickly. I tried placing a small kill volume on the sandbags, but found out that the kill volumes have like a one second delay before they actually kill you.

That’s when I just gave up hope and tought: “Ah, someone else will remake the map sooner or later.” But even since this day I haven’t seen one decent Trenches remake yet.

It’s all Bungie’s fault for making that pointless kill volume delay. :frowning:

Sometimes that happens, but at other times I can see that something isn’t working out and the design shifts in subtle ways until eventually it’s almost indistinguishable from a previous iteration.

This happens to me all the time. I used to forge all the time in Halo 3. In Reach, I have like 25+ unfinished projects. I think it’s the over speculation of the limitations of forge 2.0. But I have noticed that Forge 2.0 just kind of kills everyone’s imaginations. The sheer lack of popular, innovative maps (minigames especially), shows for that.