Have you ever played with a halo youtuber?

So recently I just played with Mint Blitz
If any of you are familiar with Ispiteful and Pingy. Then you know who Mint Blitz is right? Anyhow it finally came true. I never expected to actually play against a halo youtuber. Sadly Remy(Mint Blitz was on the blue team. But he kept destroying us with a wasp. He killed me so many times. He had like what 52 kills. What is suprising is that we were playing BTB CTF and it was Tie. I thought that the other team having Remy would beat the crap out of us in CTF. I captured 2 flags in the match. The others captured 2 also. It was so cool seeing Mint Blitz playing live in front of me. I thank Remy a lot for making this true

Now I was just curious have any of you played with the halo youtubers such as Pingy, Ispitefu, FaZe Kampy, Mint Blitz, Proximitty, Green Skull, Chief Canuck, etc.?

I may have done so without even realizing it, since I’ve never heard of any of those people

A couple of Forgers. I did a Lets Lore with Halo Canon.

Played against lethul once in a WZA assualt game
Other than that it was just pingy spliced ispiteful.

I played with The Act Man & Favyn in MCC in 1 match and the best part about it

Both of them were in my team in BTB

I played with ChiefCanuck a little while ago on Destiny as I’m good friends with a friend of his.

There are Halo 5 Youtube channels?

I played LTN, Spiteful ,and I played on B Jaws’ fireteam.

I got a kill on iSpiteful in WZ.

Haven’t matched with anyone else on YouTube, though I know my brother has played against Pingy, and I think he matched against Chief Canuck as well.

EDIT: According to my brother, I’ve apparently also played a game with Luke TheNotable.

I’ve played with Greenskull and a 343 employee.

I haven’t play with people like Spiteful or Pingy, but I’ve played with Tollshock, Rabbit in a Jar, Arbiter117, and Noble Forger.

Edit: Recently I was in a game with Ninja Big Bunny and iSpiteful.

Nope, never.

Oh all the time. I’ve played with Ducain, been in one of his videos and been featured by him in a video. I’ve also played with Naded from the old Halo 2 MLG circuit (and beat him), Neighbor from MLG, 3 343 employees including Unyshek, tons of forgers, The Halo Forge Epidemic cast, been featured by Narb and one other, Assassinated Nowise10 in Reach (anyone even remember him?) and got several kills on Major Nelson in matchmaking on Reach. And finally (and most proudly) I beat down Halo Follower in Halo 4.

Only in customs, but not the big guys everyone knows though. Played with the Halo collective guys on Halo 5, Ronibony on MCC, Kampfer on Halo 5, Legend GamingHR on Halo 5, and Sci Fi Gamer on Halo 5. I probably played against another youtuber at some point considering my playtime but I don’t really pay much attention to gamer tags during or after a match.

Maybe once or twice ;D

I’ve played with ISpiteful Unyshek MrPokephile, and NinjaBigBunny.

I played WZA the other day with proximitty on my team pretty sweet

The only one I’ve ever noticed (well, was brought to my attention) was when my wz fireteam went up against ispiteful’s about an hour before an update was to be released (memories of reach i think?).

> 2533274792908878;15:
> Maybe once or twice ;D


In H5, I played with Kampy, Mint and Vetoed, and in previous games I played with Naded and Ninja who both Youtube on occasion as well as being pros.

Edit: Also played against Unyshek in WZ, but didn’t know he made videos.