Have you ever noticed the OPTICAN can ?

I have seen this strange can on corvette. I have always wondered about it. Whats funny is it says Optican on the side. It’s the Optican can, lol! But what i found really interesting about the strangly placed medical waste container was this.it’s a can with optics. It’s an Opti- can FTW!!! The Star Wars reference is great too.

These are not the droids your looking for.Rotfl

It’s a barrel of medical supplies. Optican is the brand that they used in ODST.

Actually it’s for medical waste. What is a human medical waste container doing on a Covenant Corvette anyway? The container appearance is no accident. I just love hunting these eggs down. Oh yeah, and may the Force be with you.

Looks like Wall-E, too!

Maybe a little Dalek too. Whats in that container anyway, Noble 6?