Have You Ever Considered?

Hey guys, just a quick thought that came to mind when I was thinking about the GI info.

What if a lot of the things GI was talking about were exclusive to regicide ( ie. No Spawn Time, Random Weapon Spawns, etc.)

Of course we know that Slayer will include the “random” weapon spawns, so to speak .

Like I said, just a thought.
Please Dicuss because I may have not put it in words the way I intended to.

I don’t think it’s exclusive to regicide, didn’t they play slayer too though?
Edit: I’m pretty sure 343 said that pressing x to respawn will be in all game types except objective.

I hope No spawn delay is restricted to regicide and FFA

Can you link to the quote where they said instant respawn is in every game mode?

Like i’ve said before, these new features sounds like they are just that… features. They might not all be default. For example we allready know that Insta-spawning will not be used in Team Objective and some/most Team modes.