Have you been banned and not know why?

Today I had an oops and threw a grenade that killed a pair of teamates. Not intentional. I got kicked from the game, understandable. Then in the following game I played the whole game of team slayer and took second on my team. No more bad throws, nothing. Normal game we won. Then after the game when we came to the post game, I got banned for 5 hours. I can’t figure out why. What gives? Ive had people betray me for power weapons in slayer and they aren’t even booted. Anyone else get banned and not know why? I think the reason should come up when you get banned. How do I know what i did wrong 343?

There are known issues with the boot and ban systems. People are being punished for first offenses or even without reasonable cause.

Makes me feel a little better. Get your crap straight 343!

343 why am i a banned. I didnt quit my teammate lagged or quit. My GT is A1ma1bob.