Have you attempted the campaign on legendary

I know I have and its not fun.

The game on Legendary is challenging especially solo but always remember that the Reach plasma pistol is an unsung secret weapon. The noob combo is effective against all Elites, even Ultras, and its high rate of fire and relatively slow overheat rate makes it surprisingly deadly against other enemies. It’s far better than the plasma repeater which is lame even compared to the other mostly crummy weapons introduced in Reach.

I remember having the Plasma Pistol as tool of destruction during a random co-op campaign legendary game on Exodus, I was simply running with it and Magnum then DMR for ranged/headshot attacks, until the last part where I usually gather a lot of Fuel Rod Gun ammo (usually goes unused, better to rush the Wraith near the bridge) .

Shielded Brutes aside, you can own everything else with the Plasma Pistol in that mission, facing Brutes head-on with little fear of dying is a thing, the stun let you add even more damage.

But I wouldn’t try this on Elites, being the opposite of Combat Evolved, flinching animations are very short for them.

The Plasma Repeater is the counterpart to the Assault Rifle, no pratical reason to use it when the latter can do some long range killing. The Plasma Rifle have no excuse, I feel it is less powerful than a Plasma Pistol and accuracy is a bit too wild for me, also not super common like it’s repeater cousin.

I beat it on legendary, but it’s been a long time. I don’t remember any specific parts that were just unfair so keep trucking along and you will beat it eventually

my first playthrough was on legendary. i mostly play legendary (often with a few skulls activated), but sometimes if i want do lean back a bit, i switch to heroic.

Yes. I have. Halo 2 is impossible.

To each their own, OP, but I had a lot of fun beating Reach solo Legendary. I’d say it’s probably the second hardest in the series only behind Halo 2. However, a huge plus is the lack of aimbot Jackal snipers.

I beat it to win a bet.

Yeah. Back on launch day I started my run. First time trough it was difficult. Once you learn where the weapons are, it becomes easy.

I have beaten all of the campaigns on legendary but I cant remember much about doing reach’s.

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> Yes. I have. Halo 2 is impossible.

Not impossible just stupidly unfair. If you have time (or no life) you can grind to beat it. I did it with 360 backwards compatible so I don’t get any credit for defeating it but is was a lot of fun.

Yup, and I’ve completed it alone. PoA was a pain.

I am trying to get a friend to make a lets play with me of legendary reach campaign but We haven’t done it yet… and when I did the campaign the first two times it wasn’t even on my account lol

Possibly one of the easiest legendaries (compared to bungie era installments). Pretty much only place that i used stuff like noob combo was in the final battle against the zealot group which made it a little bit too easy.

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> I know I have and its not fun.

watch some campaign guides on legendary obviously will need some skills what did u expect from legendary difficulty a smooth ride?

> 2533275082289891;1:
> I know I have and its not fun.

HAHAHAh! Heheheheheh… Hoo BOi, Do I have a story for you.

Many have done it, myself included. It just takes time a patience. Work one enemy at a time and conserve ammo when you can just as with any Legendary. I would play through normal/heroic a few times so you can know when/where most of the enemies will be.

I’ve done it multiple times on Legendary. Too easy.

Incredible story and makes it more challenging, always gotta drop into Hell on Legendary! :wink:

> 2533275082289891;1:
> I know I have and its not fun.

i have completed it ALONE and it is fun