Have to say, I'm not dying on this mountain anymore

Alright, I’ve stood by 343s art style, armor styles, gameplay, story, mechanics for UI and Menu interface

When four came out I defended it’s armor and Spartan ops saying there was truly a chance for greatness here it just needed some love. It never came.

When 5 came out I was stunned at the lack of content, but I stayed silent. I defended warzone, and kinda the armor? I was and have been upset at 5, but hey, forge was cool right?

Infinite looked amazing, but after Anthem, Outriders, destiny and Halo itself; NTM over the course of the past 8 years the decline of good shooter content has left me Leary. As I’m sure it did you all.

I took a firm stand when It got closer. I stood firm that Halo is going to be amazing again. But between the shop, the customization for basic Spartans, color system, lack of interface, inability to turn off X-Play, and a continuous list of problems I’ve seen between here, twitter, and iFunny of all places; I’m not dying on this mountain anymore.

Halo infinite won’t fail for one reason guys. It’s Microsoft’s baby. They don’t care that we won’t spend 20 dollars on an armor it’s not about us 20+yr old, it’s about these kids who had no problem being spoiled by ignorant parents into blowing hundreds on Fortnite. Honestly Fortnite ruined a lot with its MTX store. It didn’t start the trend, but it absolutely put the nail in it’s coffin. Activision, and ea helped.

Now games from even our beloved Minecraft to this Abomination that dares call itself a multiplayer Halo are infested with MTX and shareholders who simply don’t give a rats -Yoink!- what we have to say. Unfortunately I paid for my reach BP, so I’ll play it till it’s complete. The only thing that’d keep me coming back is forgeable AI. But at this point it’s hard to have a warm heart about it


I could live with everything else if progression felt meaningful. As it stands now, I could be a comp god or a monkey that just lost his banana and got handed a controller; as long as I can complete the tiny amount of challenges they give me in one week, I’ll get to level up the pass around 5 times before the corporate greed kicks in and strangles my progression.

This needs a fix.


It needs a lot.

There have been a few awesome suggestions. Between, custom colors that uses patters and pallets we’ve aquired from battle pass and store. To My own suggestion of getting req points from a single weekly req challenge and quarterly battle pass unlocks to keep the store feeling loved. Halo is a massive game loved by millions. Why isn’t there an alternative way to access the store?

I refuse to believe that this far into the MTX era they were blind to functional and considered rather regular systems. This was blatant. And I refused to be blinded

But as for challenges, the only real things I’d change are commendation and win xp. That’s the big one there, it’d smooth the bp progression

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