Have the LE version & specialization are gone

So I bought the LE version and have entered my codes. Before I could see all of the specializations and they were all locked until I get to SR50. Now they are all gone except for Wetwork and Operator. WTH is going on?

The only reason I bought the LE version was to have access to the specializations early. I’m already not happy that once I put my money down then the rules were changed and everybody is suppose to have all of the specializations unlocked if you played by Nov 20th I think. This is just way too much screwing up.

I don’t know if I’m suppose to get an email to REopen the specializations or not. I’m at SR47 so this needs to be resolved rather soon. 343 please fix your game.

Same and I’m not very happy. I’m currently using the SR57 Engineer class. Now all I see are Engineer (what I am currently), Wetwork and Operator.

I went to the Xbox dashboard and redownloaded the halo 4 avatars that you get with the LE version and all of them showed back up.

download again