Have the devs even acknowledged glaring issues with the servers, desync and ranked system?

I see all kinds of posts with devs talking about the store and trying to address issues which may bring in profit. But, I’ve literally seen zero dev acknowledgement about desync, grenade inconsistency, the overall general player hate of the ranked system or anything of the sort.

Sure, there was an update that was supposed to fix melee inconsistency, which didn’t do squat. The inconsistency comes from desync and the devs seem to turn tail and run the other direction whenever desync is brought up. I believe grenade inconsistency is also desync. Sometimes I can land a grenade wedged underneath a spartan’s toe nails and get zero damage, other times it kills them from 20 feet away. It has to be desync.

Do the devs even care? It’s not just the store that is driving people away. Even casual people with no understanding of server latency and desync are leaving because it genuinely makes the game feel terrible to play. They don’t know why it feels terrible, just that it does, so they end up leaving and never look back.

It doesn’t seem like something that is just casually being overlooked, it feels as though it is being blatantly intentionally avoided by the dev team and it’s honestly very concerning.

I play almost every day, but find myself complaining and having a genuinely bad time the entire time because of these issues. A fix needs to come soon or literally no one will give a single shred of -Yoink!- about the store when the game feels absolutely awful.

It’s abysmal. I thought I had seen the worst server issues of all time when PUBG released in early access but this game absolutely trifles it in comparison.

Why are we seeing zero transparency and absolute utter silence surrounding these issues? Can anybody clarify? Please? I love Halo and don’t want it to die but it’s inevitable with the current horrific state of the game.


Thus far they seem not to specifically address an issue unless it’s one they’re immediately or currently working on, AND have a timeline for a solution, outside of that they vaguely mentioned a few times they are working through the feedback. While I think clear communication is key, there is little upside to complete transparency in a community as toxic as this. Anything other than “will be fixed tomorrow” doesn’t fly with most vocal members of these boards, and the comments are loaded with people who have never coded a day in their life.

I think it would really benefit them to put together a punch list with status for each item. “Under review”, “testing”, “not enough user submitted data”, “rare/isolated issue”, things like that. At the end of the day people here are gonna be pissed one way or another, may as well just grit your teeth and be open at this point.

I just want to see them acknowledge it because I honestly think it’s the single most detrimental thing to the playerbase. People are quitting because it feels terrible to play. Desync is the reason and it needs to be addressed. It should take priority over literally everything else. No one wants to play it if it feels terrible, no matter how good the monetisation is or how many modes are in the game.

It’s borderline unplayable at this point and the fact that the devs don’t even mention it is a huge red flag imo.

I don’t disagree, but you touch on an interesting point. From soft launch, what would you say have been the most complained about in the game; mtx and progression, or the technical issues? From my daily perusing of the board, I’d say the former dominated by an overwhelming margin up until the first week of January, and as such much of the technical complaints on the boards have gotten buried under people complain about one of the many ways mtx hurts their experience.

I think they need to comment on it for sure, but I wouldn’t necessarily assume they’re ignoring it.

The thing is, most casual players don’t understand what is making the game feel so terrible to play which is why you don’t see an overwhelming amount of complaints about desync like you do with the store. Everyone knows and understands the store and monetisation practices in the game so everyone complains about it.

The store is going to be irrelevant if the core game feels horrible to play.

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Agreed, which is likely why we’re seeing more complaints about it 3 months later.

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I think it’s because the only players that even care anymore are the die hards and the ones who realize where the real issues lie.


Is it just sheer ignorance by the dev team or are they actively intentionally avoiding the topic.

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I think they said they were looking into Desync on a tweet from one of the devs but nothing more other than that. This Desync is so atrocious it says I’m at 50-70 ping but my shots don’t register most of the time and when it does it takes a whole second for it to register. Idk how they messed up the servers so bad to the point where I can play a game of rising storm 2 at 200 ping but still do good.

It’s the reason I haven’t played the game close to a month now. I give zero ducks about the store and less ducks about the the lack of content. I just want these issues fixed before I return to Infinite. The deysnc and other issues make it too tiresome to play when there’s plenty of other games out there with much less technical difficulties.

I think that as long as people keep playing through the issues they will not fix them, when they could work on selling us more stuff.

Honestly, I was loving Halo Infinite until the 2/3/2022 update. After the update, however, I have been experiencing horrible desync / lag with the servers. I play mostly ranked solo/duo and crossplay on Xbox Series S. Please just make the game playable. Halo is an amazing part of my life; please get me back in the game! Also, this is so true:
“Even casual people with no understanding of server latency and desync are leaving because it genuinely makes the game feel terrible to play. They don’t know why it feels terrible, just that it does, so they end up leaving and never look back.”